Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The top ten ways parents know they're having Flare.

You know, besides the mind-blowing pain and moderate feelings of deathwishiness. 

Yes, another top-ten list.  I apologize, but I couldn't resist. Also, I'm having a flare! You wouldn't expect me to actually type an entire blog post with my sausage fingers would you? ; ) Hope you enjoy it!  Apologies for the men out there...  Hopefully you can still relate.  We are, after all, still in the same [life] boat!

1) You aren't quite sure if that shower was 2 days ago, or 5.

2) When you open the washing machine, you find a mildewed mess resembling clothing, and you have no idea how long its been in there.  You promptly close the lid.

4) You have been wearing the same sweatpants and Uggs (ok, whom am I kidding.. off brand Uggs) for 3 days, including work, and you don't care in the least.

woohooo! Bedtime!

5) When its finally time for bed, you find yourself singing joyful tunes like "Hallelujia!" or, even make up your own, for example, my go-to flare song is: "Won't you take me to, COMFY town? won't you take me to, COMFY tooown!" (You know, as opposed to "Funky.")

6) 1 hour later, you're still awake, and you have no inclinations toward singing, whatsoever.

7) Your first thought upon waking is simple "NO!!.  Now that I think about it, that meeting with the company president at 9 isn't that important. Screw it. SNORE"

8) Your children are surviving on Spaghettios, ramen, and (if its a good[er]) day, macaroni-and-cheese.  (As if anyone actually had the energy to BOIL. Please.); Your husband is scouring the kitchen like a ravenous dog.

9) You find yourself realistically considering if its really necessary to brush your teeth. or eat.  or actually move for that matter.

10) Your dream evening involves 9 things: a heating pad, a Snuggie, a 200mg Celebrex, and 6 pillows.

One week ago I was wearing heels and make-up to work, sewing, playing piano, keeping my home clean, occasionally forgetting to take my medication, and feeling pretty darn good.  Now I am pretty sure I got hit by a truck while I was sleeping, and they forgot to leave a note.

I was just informed there is no #3.
3) You can't form coherent sentences, and have lost the ability to count to 3. ; )

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  1. I totally get the feeling of going to sleep and waking up like I'd been hit by a truck... wait a minute, I've actually been hit by an automobile, so I really get that feeling... now just day to day with old RA. Lovely to find you, looking forward to reading more.
    Cheers, J.G. Chayko

  2. Oh my you've been hit by a car!? I can only imagine... and I do ;) I'm so glad you liked the list. Laughing and writing are sometimes all we've got!

  3. It's definitely the winter, also!! Makes us just want to snuggle up and stay warm!! Hope you're feeling better! :)

  4. Ughhh! And the winter is that little cherry on top!! Can't wait for spring! Tired of being cold and dealing with aches and pains during these months!!

  5. I cani believe I didn't write those commandments. I wish with all my heart people would read this and understand how hard it is just to boil water,but they can't so you live in a world of looking great and feeling like crap. As for boiling the water, you have to find the box of Mac and cheese,oh first you have to get up and move to the kitchen,ouch. Find a pot somewhere,then put it altogether on the stove, and forget it is on the stove and a burning smell is enveloping as you lay on the couch. Don't worry, it will go way.

  6. Thanks for the great post! I am in the midst of flare mode myself. I didn't notice that there was not a #3! I am showing this to my husband so that he will stop giving me 'the look' when he comes home from work and I am still in the same position as when he left.

  7. RaeRae lol!! you poor thing! I totally understand :) My flare finally ended this week.. over 4 weeks long. Hooray!!!

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