Friday, April 4, 2014

Best of "Fill in the blank: You know you have [insert your chronic illness] when ______ "

You have to take a break in the middle of washing your hair.

You are overjoyed to finally go to bed... but still awake 1 hour later.

People give you advice like "Eat more blueberries"

You feel like you have a computer virus in your brain, because its so slow to respond!

You make a million plans when you feel good, then end up canceling all of them

Your pharmacist is on speed dial

When you become a human pinball, walking in and out of all the rooms in the house trying to figure out what you were looking for in the first place - AmyIrl (

You're a "Comfort One Shoes" reward member

You often find yourself walking in circles because you can't remember what you were about to do < Mandr2220,

You have more than 4 pillows on your bed (YOUR pillows.) Bonus for wedges, memory foam, or U-shaped!

You have more than 3 prescription bottles on your bedside table

You have to give yourself a awe-inspiring pep-talk just to get out of bed in the morning

When you finally get out of bed, you go lay on the couch

You can predict the weather better than meteorologists

You have no idea what you were about to say

You know you have fibromyalgia when your mind does not just wander, it sometimes leaves completely. < Madmarion,

You have no idea why you walked into that room...

You refuse to schedule anything before noon, unless its absolutely necessary

Your perfect Saturday night includes a heating pad, celebrex, and a comfy couch

You get a lot of strange looks, because when you try to talk, jibberish often replaces the clear, concise thought you had

You can watch a movie or read a book a million times.. and its always new!

A trip to the grocery store requires stretching in advance, mental preparation, and the endurance of a marathon runner.

You know you have fibro, when you love this post, but can't think of a good reply to post after reading it. -2592sc,

You understand what the word "struggle" truly means. 

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  1. When someone asks you where you hurt, you find it easier to name the couple of places where you don't hurt.

  2. These are so funny, but sadly also very true! Kathleen, that's a good one too!!

  3. This is a great list! I keep trying to come up with something clever, but my brain won't cooperate.

  4. lol, someone else said the same thing ; )

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