Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Curly Girl Method!

Are you "Blessed" with Curly Hair?

Whenever I meet a woman with unruly curly hair, or learn that someone has been torturing their unwanted curls with straightening irons, blow dryers, and hair products, the first thing I tell them is "you HAVE to try the Curly Girl method!".

My identical twin sister introduced me to the method several years ago, after I had been jealously staring at her beautiful locks over a weekend visit.  It's an entirely new way to care for your hair, and I promise you that it will change the way you see your curls (or waves!) forever.

First, throw away your shampoo.  Seriously- you don't need it anymore.  Shampoo is death for curls- the detergents are drying, and exacerbate the frizz-factor.  If you want to go by-the-book, use Deva Curls "No Poo", or "low-poo" if you're not ready to completely ditch the suds.  A humorous side note- my twin didn't get the 'no poo' title, and thought it was something to do with bodily functions.

Scrub the no-poo into your scalp as you would with shampoo, but give it a little bit of extra time.  Focus on your scalp, and not so much the hair. While you rinse, continue to massage your scalp.  This will ensure that you remove all of the oily residy.

Squeeze a handful (yes, a handful) of conditioner into your palm, and once again, massage.  This time, focus on your hair/ends instead of your scalp.  I use Deva curl one-condition, but any conditioner is fine.  Rinse lightly.  Massage your hair and make sure that there is still some conditioner in it.  It should be silky and smooth, but not greasy.  If you can't feel the conditioner, add a little more and scrunch it into your hair.

Turn your head upside down, and scrunch! Just a few times.  Run your fingers lightly through your hair at this point, to get the shape you want.  Move hair from behind your ears, ect.

Keep a micro-fiber towel hanging in your shower for this next part:  I stole a car wash towel from my husband :) While still in the shower, scrunch the water out of your hair, not forcefully, just enough to get the sopping-wetness out.

Squeeze a handful of hair gel into your palm (yes, a handful!, and yes, in the shower!), and scrunch each section of hair just once.  Rinse your hands and turn off the water.  I use deva arc an-gel.  Anyone got the pattern yet?!

Scrunch the microfiber towel in your hair, lightly, just once more.

Now, don't do a damn thing.  Just let it dry.  If you're in a hurry, you can use a diffuser on hot/low.  Slowly scrunch the diffuser into the back of your hair, try not to let the hot air run on the top layers, or you will get frizz.  Some people use hair pins to clip the roots in order to create volume.  This hasn't worked for me, but everyone hair is different.

Once your hair is completely dry, take your fingers and lightly shake out your hair.  Slowly and lightly scrunch the crunchies out.  You will be left with gorgeous, smooth curls!  Mine last for days, and I even sleep on them.



  1. You say to throw away our shampoo but then didn't go on to describe what to do without the no-poo, which i can't get where i live.

    Are you suggesting we don't even shampoo out our old chemical mousses and so on – not to mention accumulated air pollution –before starting your experiment...?

    I'm a curly head and much of what you describe is what I already do, bar the no-shampoo rule and leave-in conditioner rule. In fact, after some serum I use a mousse and follow exactly your procedure to get bouncy curls and no frizz.

    It makes sense to leave most of the conditioner in, but what's going to remove the accumulated dirt? Just shower water?

    it's true, Rastofarians go for years without washing their hair. In fact I'm sure the amount of shampooing we're encouraged to do is just another way to separate us from our money.
    Did the Victorians wash their hair much? I doubt it!

    1. Use the ' no poo', linked, just like shampoo. Its a suds free cleanser

    2. It cleans without harsh SLS that causes frizz for curls. Not recommending not washing your hair or becoming a hippie.

  2. So, I don't use the deva line (just not right for my hair) but I love my curls since I started CG :)

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