Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Day 17- lil buddies

Because more people greet me with "So, how is that alternative therapy thing going?" these days rather than a simple "hello", I thought an update was in order :)

I'm heading into 'week 3', when they actually attach to the inner wall of the intestines.  I have noticed some mild side effects... intermittent stomach ache 'all over' my abdomen, bloating (sometimes my stomach looks like a picture of a starving child), and fatigue.  The fatigue is the hardest to deal with, obviously, because that was one of thes reason I'm doing this in the first place!  So I've been trying to take it easy and remind myself that this is temporary.  However, the doctors did warn me about possible 'extreme' fatigue,   SO, I guess all in all, I'm doing well, and happy with the results!  My allergies also got worse this week... another common yet 'backwards' side effect; allergies eventually will disappear with therapy.  So no, I'm not 'cured' yet, it will be at least 3 months before I know if they've 'worked'. 

The anti-inflammatory diet is going great!  I feel more energy after I eat, where in the past I've felt groggy.  I have focused on cutting WAY back on wheat gluten and carbs, and eating more fruits, vegetables and legumes (hmm, I suppose that could the real cause of the bloating).  My heartburn is GONE!! It used to be daily, severe, and a pain in the ass... er esophagus.  But it's gone!  I believe its due to my replacement of coffee for green tea, and my replacement of twinkies/donuts/[insert junk here] with fruit.   Unfortunately, I have several boxes of tagamet, zantac, and other expensive OTC meds sitting on my shelf unused (any takers? )  Also unfortunately, I haven't noticed any improvement in inflammation!!.  I started this diet before the therapy on purpose... the help with the side effects.  Because they do seem 'not too bad', it could be working, but I'm the only research subject here, so I guess I'll never know! (Or at least not for awhile). The arthritis in my feet has never been worse, in fact there have been days when I literally can't walk without a limp. Inflammation is also a side effect.  Prednisone is actually recommended the first few months of therapy, but because prednisone turns me into a raging, screaming, bi-polar lunatic, thats not really an option for me ; )


Besides the side effects, I've never felt healthier, or eaten such delicious, fresh food in my life!  My favorite meal is gluten-free whole grain bread with fresh garden tomatoes (like an entire tomato, so I can't fit it into my mouth), basil, hummus, Tabasco sauce, oregano, and red wine vinegar.  Sometimes I throw some chia seeds on top for good luck.  Here is one of my delicious creations.  I've also tried them with kelp powder.  Oh dear. 

If anyone has any good kelp powder recipes, I'm all ears.  I tried mixing it into some gluten free mac-and-cheese and presenting it to my 3 year old son, Jimmy, and he looked at me like I was crazy.  I have to admit that it did look and taste awful.  It was pale green, mushy, and reminded me of ' the Futurama episode in which 'Soylent Green' was served.


Being that Mac-and-Cheese is his favorite food, it was a major mommy-fail on my part, and I still have pangs of guilt remembering the look on his face, which seemed to say  "Mommy, what have you done to my delicious mac & cheese! You are ruining my hopes and dreams! Also, you are a terrible mother.  And you suck at driving."

Oh, one more positive... my unquenchable yearning for donuts and skittles is gone.   I just don't crave sugar or fatty baked goods anymore, its wonderful!  Also, I've never been a fan of dark chocolate, preferring milk chocolate (ideally covering peanut butter or holiday-shaped marshmallows), but it is delicious and satisfying and more than enough sugar to satisfy my cravings.  I never expected that.  

However, of all of the things in my life right now, I think the coolest and most interesting is that random acquaintances now know me as 'hook worm girl'.  I suppose it sounds weird, but I'm proud of my 'lil buddies, and yes, I'm proud of my bravery (or craziness, whatever it is ; ) 

So, thats my update.  I hope all of you are healthy, happy, parasite-free, and madly enjoying your delicious gluten.   Mmmmmmm, gluten *slobber*. 

*All photo credits to Fox Broadcasting... except the delicious sandwich.  mmmmmm sandwich.  Ok one more. 


  1. Day 17! Congrats, my brave friend!
    Thanks for the (hilarious) update!

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