Sunday, December 29, 2013

Glitter, flour, war paint and gluten; What is your New Years Resolution?

I swear I didn't mean for the title to Rhyme.  But I'm going with it because its AWESOME.

Christmas has come and gone.  As I'm sitting here typing, I have several Christmas stickers glued to various parts of my body, belated gifts from my 3 year old son Jimmy.  My house looks like a glitter, pipe cleaner, powdered sugar, and cheap-plastic-toy hurricane has blown through.  We baked cookies, decorated gingerbread, and made about 14 glitter-Popsicle stick-pipe cleaner Christmas ornaments.  We wrapped over 40 gifts.  On top of that, since "Santa" came, the state of our family room is akin to the Caterpillar room in Sunnyside Daycare in "Toy Story 3," right after the tots blew through.

Resolution 1: No more toys that contain more than 10 pieces allowed.  Seriously, tinker toys, batman playset, AND 20-piece race-car toy all on the same day? WHAT WAS I (er, I mean Santa) THINKING?!  There are now about 346,789,008 pieces of various play sets strewn about the house.
cute glitter tornado pic :)
Not my house, but a reasonable substitute image!

Resolution 2:  No unsupervised arts and crafts sessions lasting longer than .5 milliseconds

My son just went to bed looking like an Indian warrior, after having a bit too much fun with his new "Paint Pens".

He received the paint pens as a gift, which, in my haste, I hid less than 9 feet off the ground.  After an extended period of the well know eerie quiet, AKA  "Why isn't there a chaotic din shaking the walls of my house anymore?!" I found him at the top of the stairs, painting his hands, arms, face, and of course, the walls.  "Look mommy! I'm painting!"  Are they really that innocent or is it just an innate survival mechanism to save them from the wrath of stressed-out mommies?

Resolution 3:  At least pretend I remember that I'm trying to maintain an anti-inflammatory diet
Cookies at every turn, Cake. Those addicting marshmallow Santas. Chocolate. Sour Patch Kid Candy Canes (I mean really, who could resist?), Ginger Bread, ICING.  Oh my.

Christmas = GLUTEN!   The day after Christmas, exhausted yet hungry, I consumed a no less than 5 Panera bagels, plus about 6 caffeinated beverages.  Despite the ridiculous levels of caffeine coursing through my system, I passed out at 8:30 pm, in my sons bed, mid-way through 'Curious George Flies a Kite".  The next day, after waking up at 10, I was lethargic, grumpy and felt like I had the flu... or shall I say 'glu'.  HA. sorry.

Feeling much better after eating only romaine, carrots, hummus, strawberries and apples for 24 hours (and of course sharing a small bottle of Patron silver with my best friend who came into town), my poor little guy actually came down with the real flu, despite having a flu shot.   We are talking the whole shebang; walking explosive snot factory, several accidents of the 'messy' nature, fever, barking cough, middle-of-the-night wake up screaming sessions, headaches.  Luckily, he is already getting better, (note the stickers and paint fiasco from earlier this evening).   One amazing redeeming result? He actually took a nap; 3 hours.  First nap in 6 months! Hallelujah!   So, the current status of my life is:  snot, glitter, wrapping paper, broken toys and ornaments, screaming (but adorable) feverish toddlers, and feeling like a train-wreck both inside and out.  I have always loved Christmas, but I'm still trying to get used to this new Christmas reality; Christmas through the eyes of a mother.  Good lord its a lot of work.  Christmas vacation?! I think I'd rather be back at work.  The end of the year has left me a bit frazzled, if you haven't picked up on that yet.

So back to the point of this post!  I want to hear your resolutions.   Extreme, small and in-between.   Post in comments section!  Other resolution ideas I have?  Try harder to be in the present, without freaking out over the small stuff.  Like craft explosions, snot, and a few too many carbs.

Merry Christymas and of course a Happy gluten-free 2014!


  1. We are definitely sharing resolution #1 - No more toys with more than 10 pieces, as a matter of fact, we are only asking Santa for wooden toys from now on! Resolution #2 - I am turning regrets into resolutions. LOVE the post, glad to see somebody else is swamped with glitter

  2. #1 is to have a healthy baby in less than 38 hours of labor :D
    #2 is to build a fairy garden. have you seen those, I need to do that.
    #3 I'd also like to re-teach myself to play my clarinet.

    FYI I fulfilled my 2013 resolution to make a new pie every month!! unless you don't count 4 apple pies as "new".

  3. Toys with many pieces and that are mini can really get me going!! I usually say the same thing, "what have I done" or "omg these mini toys might just put me over". Since Christmas I have stepped on a few of the minis!!!!! They might have to disappear soon!!!My NY resolution - stay positive, strong and be creative!!

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