Monday, February 3, 2014

Some silly Haiku; For laughter or eye-rolling; It's my best I swear. :o)

I thought of one today while working, and now my brain can only communicate through Haiku.  I think I may need a Psychiatrist.  But that is tomorrow.  Today, please enjoy the neurotic outpourings of brain owned by one PFM. 

On house work: 

Why does it seem that
My house regurgitates every
Mess that I pick up

A Womens work, it's
never done. Ain't that the truth.
The circle of strife

On Parenting: 

My son has ears but
They are able to block all
Words that Mommy speaks

Tornado child
Hurricane boy who tears through
The world he loves so

His eyes so brightly
Bring forth a joy I can't
Begin to fathom

On Autoimmune disease/Fibromyalgia: 

I love happy dreams
But waking up a nightmare
I can't move my knees.

On Narcolepsy/Extreme fatigue: 

My entire body can
No longer work, sleep. 

On Raynauds Phenomenon:

When there's a slight chill
My feet disappear
I stomp them to check

On life.  You know, in 'general'. 

Exhausted but strong
Full of light and depression
Sometimes I'm confused. 

On the most important lesson of my 30-something years. 

Superman, hello? 
When does my rescue squad show?
Oh, I guess its me. 

On Haiku

I learned this in school
When I was about seven
I strongly felt hate.

But now I'm thirty
and I have an obsession
with making you laugh

Oh lord, when will it end? I will be dreaming about cherry blossoms and Iambic pentameter tonight. 

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  1. Ohhhhh so true ;) definitely can relate to some of them...alright, most of them!!

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