Saturday, June 7, 2014

Zoodles Kid Mode App; A Safe, Fun, All-inclusive Environment for your kids!

Zoodles Kid-Mode creates a customized, secure, and easy to use environment for your children.  It is a free app, with premium options, available on every device.
While inside Zoodles, children cannot access the main operating system of your phone/tablet, which means they can’t make calls, buy stuff, or open Apps that you don’t want them too!  While inside, children as young as 2 can easily navigate the fabulous kid-friendly interface to play games, draw pictures, or listen to storybooks.  It also includes a “Parent Dashboard” app, where parents can customize zoodles for each child with their age and photo, block ads, allow and disallow downloaded apps, and promote subjects like reading or math.
Kids can’t get “out” of kid-mode! Only parents can exit the app; either by following a written instruction “draw a Z” (perfect for toddlers), entering a birthday, or entering a passcode (great for literate older children).  Parents can leave their children alone with their phone or tablet without worrying about them accessing things they shouldn’t! *Note, Zoodles does not protect against spilled apple juice, broken screens, or falls ; ).
There are 4 main features: Apps, Drawings, Storybooks, and Video Mail. 
Apps and Videos!
If connected to wifi or a network, the App tab updates with new, age-appropriate and educational apps and videos, for free!  My son has been using zoodles since he was 2.. and he has never had trouble navigating.  Instructions are spoken and visual, as opposed to written. It is also extremely intuitive.  Children can navigate the available apps, videos and features on their own, no help needed!
Audio Story Books
With the free version, there is one storybook included; The Three Little Pigs. Children turn the “pages” on their own, and the pages are read to them through a built-in video recording. The best part? You can record yourself reading the book, so your own voice/video is used! Perfect for business trips and military parents!  With the premium version, about 10 additional books are included. All books are high-quality classics, such as Casey at the Bat, The Elves and the Shoemaker, and Jack and the Beanstalk.
Video Mail (Premium only)
Video Mail is included as well; this allows your child to easily record themselves and send videos to allowed emails; like grandparents!
Parent Dashboard
Parent Dashboard
When I download a new app for my son, I visit the parent dashboard, a separate app that is also included when
you download Zoodles.  The parent dashboard allows you to customize each environment for your children: set age, filters, security levels, and add/remove allowed external apps.
Premium Features
The premium version of Zoodles features additional parental controls, such as time limits and violence filters, weekly reports, and more apps.  Upgrading to premium costs $4.95 per month.  Additionally, as mentioned above, about 10 more recordable storybooks are included with the premium edition, as well as the video mail feature. With premium, parents can also access information about their childs usage, including time, apps, subjects they’ve been focusing on, and app recommendations on their website.
Safe, Worry-free Fun!
Zoodles Kid-mode is available on iTues, Google Play, or online, for your home PC!

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  1. For Parents child's security is the highest priority. Kids are secure when they are with parents. But when they are in school parent should have an integrated school to parent communication app which will give you quick alert if any emergency takes place. Great Post.


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